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Due to popular demand, we have obtained a licence to sell direct to consumers. This means our draught beers are available to purchase direct from the Dartmoor Brewery door for parties and events by pre-order only. Please call 01822 890789 for details. Brewery opening hours 09:00 - 16:30, Monday to Friday.

Draft beer for consumption at home is available for collection in polypins (20 litres/35 pints) to order all year round. The following quantities are available but we do request a minimum of 24-hours notice please:

Product Polypins Bottles  
Jail Ale 4.5g polypins
Bottles (12x500ml)


Legend Ale 4.5g polypins
Bottles (12x 500ml)


Dartmoor IPA 4.5g polypins

Bottles (12x500ml)


Dartmoor Best

4.5g polypins £56.50

Bottles (12x500ml) £22.75


We do offer 9g casks on request. £80 Deposits are charged on casks, stillages and taps where required.