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We are based in Princetown at the heart of the picturesque Dartmoor National Park, famous for its unspoilt moorland scenery and legendary folklore. Established in 1785 and named after the Prince of Wales (later King George IV), the village of Princetown is steeped in a rich history, which is something we uphold across our unique range of award winning ales.

Located less than 800 metres away from Dartmoor Brewery, the infamous Dartmoor Prison was built in the village in 1806 to hold prisoners of war from the Napoleonic and American wars, holding up to 9000 prisoners at its full capacity in extremely harsh conditions. Brewed in sight of the prison, award-winning beer Jail Ale was suitably named after the notorious landmark.  

To service the growth of granite mining on the moor in 1878, the Princetown railway station was built in the village. Operational until 1956, the railway was also the highest of its kind in England. Dartmoor Brewery is now situated on the railway yards adjacent to the old station and railway line.

Dartmoor was designated a National Park in 1951 to preserve its natural beauty and wilderness. Consisting mostly of granite, Dartmoor is famous for its tors where the granite bedrock tops the highest points of the moors. The rainfall on the moor averages 80 inches per year, feeding the beautiful tumbling rivers and bogs for which Dartmoor is famous. As a reminder of the scenery in which our authentic ales are created, Dartmoor Brewery uses images of Staple Tor, an iconic tor to the west of the moor.