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Terms and Conditions

Dartmoor Brewery will provide 100 casks of Jail Ale to selected charities and community causes over a 12 month period from 1/2/22. It is intended that the donated beer is used to raise funds for the charity or community cause – for example in connection with a fund-raising event, charity bar, etc.

100% of the money raised using the donated beer must be donated to the charity or community cause. Specifically the beer must not be sold commercially with only a proportion of the sales revenue being donated to the charity or cause.

Dartmoor Brewery fully supports responsible drinking, and the donated beer must not be used in such a way as to encourage or promote over-indulgence.

Dartmoor Brewery will select the charities and community causes to benefit from each of the 100 casks of Jail Ale at its sole discretion, basing its decision on the information provided in the online application. This offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Applicants must be aged 18 or over, and must have a bona-fide connection with the charity, event or community cause named in the application.

If your bid is successful, we may be able to deliver your cask to you or your chosen location (where it will need to be signed for by a responsible person aged 18 or over). Alternatively we may need to ask you to collect it from Dartmoor Brewery in Princetown.