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Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Dec 2013

Brewing operations continue at the brewery despite the weather today � rumours that Head Brewer Mike Lunney has commenced building an Ark abound in Princetown. The Ark when launched will carry sufficient Dartmoor beers for 40 days and 40 nights. Bookings now been taken!!! Lets hope the weather improves soon A very happy New Year to all our customers and drinkers.

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Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Dec 2013

Is it just us at the brewery or has it seemed like a very long year!

Christmas is time for reflection and relaxation and we intend to celebrate with the launch of our two Christmas beers which are being delivered to a pub near you as I write!

Santa's Secret a 4.2% ABV beer has a delicious taste of apricots and aroma of Christmas spices � a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit. This is the second year of production and Santa's Secret delicious taste means it is now available as far north as...

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