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Budget 2014: Good news for the beer industry

Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Mar 2014

Yesterday's budget was such good news for the brewing industry, explains our Head Brewer, Mike Lunney. After years of the beer duty escalator increases depressing the industry, dropping the budget bagduty last year and again this year will continue to help build confidence in the future and a definite feel good factor for the industry. Brewers look on this decrease as the government providing some long term support. Brewers and representative groups like SIBA have worked hard lobbying and it appears the government has listened. As we did last year, Dartmoor Brewery will be lowering its prices to customers and passing on this decrease from Monday 24th March. Although the 1p a pint reduction may seem small, it should be viewed against the increase the duty escalator would have produced, this would have been an increase more like 4-5p a pint, so very good news. Taking 1p off a pint does produce problems for pubs as they like round figures which allow half pints and are easy to add up. Last year several got round this issue by keeping their normal price, but donating 1p from every pint sold to a charity of their choice. This is something Dartmoor Brewery supports and encourages landlords to do.



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