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Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Jul 2014

With the excitement of the Tour de France Grand Depart still ringing in our ears, here at 009the Brewery we've got swept up with cycling enthusiasm and entered the Bontager TwentyFour12 mountain bike race. An off road event every bit as challenging as the Tour de France ..... well for us anyway! The Bontrager TwentyFour12 takes place on July 26th & 27th at Newnham Park near Plymouth. It may not be the Tour de France, but this race is certainly no soft option with grueling race choices of either twelve hour or the marathon 24 hour race. As well as these tough individual events there is, luckily for us, a team event so four Dartmoor Brewery staff will be will be making up the numbers in the 12 hour event. Our team (Scott Prideaux, new brewer Olly Crichton, Mike and Karen Lunney), the Dartmoor Brewery JAASer's Chain Gang, hope to be fit enough by the end of July, although so far they have taken a relaxed attitude to training ensuring they will certainly not peak too soon! The event is a real family affair with races for children and is a real show case for all that is best is mountain biking, turning Newnham park into a cycling village and carnival for a few days. So if the 2000 prize money isn't enough to get you going, surely the Jail Ale or Dartmoor IPA at the finish will be all the encouragement you need to get to the finish line! There are still a few last race places remaining for pairs or teams, so why not join us? All details and entry information are available on: <;Itemid=1>



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