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New beer to set tongues Wagging

Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Aug 2015

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 17.03.06 As Devon's most famous folk song goes I want for to go to Widecombe Fair, we too can't wait to launch our new special edition beer, Old Wag, on Tuesday 8th September at Dartmoor's landmark event the Widecombe Fair. This special bottle conditioned 9% ale was produced to celebrate the contribution Tony Beard has made over the years to the Dartmoor area and Widecombe Fair, taking on the character of Tom Cobley and becoming known as the Wag from Widecombe. Tony is a true Devonian and has great knowledge of the area's rural life, archaeology and history and is such a very popular figure. Dartmoor Brewery is contributing all the profit from the sales of this ale to the Widecombe Fair's charity, which is Hospiscare this year. Donating to charity by the Fair started just after the war when a Local Welcome Home Fund was started. Since then a share from the profits each year has been given to dozens of local charities. Widecombe Fair is a landmark event in the Dartmoor calendar. It now has a permanent site in The Fair Field with wide range of activities and makes a great day out, rural arts and crafts, Dartmoor Border Morris, local produce, lamb shearing, terrier racing, bale tossing and rolling, folk bands and of course the beer tent. Sadly the cow pat throwing contest now no longer takes place, but the Derby of pantomime horses and vehicles makes a suitably mad alternative. The afternoon is marked by the Uncle Tom Cobley downhill run which starts between Bonehill and Tunehill Rocks. Competitors are taken to the top and then have to get back by whatever route they can find over walls, ditches, hedges, streams, mud and whatever other obstacles Dartmoor can provide on the day. Luckily Health and Safety have let this rural tradition be for now! A great day out with some great beer. We look forward to seeing you there!



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