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Photos from the Dartmoor Discovery Ultra Marathon

Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Jun 2016

It was a pleasure to sponsor the Dartmoor Ultra-Marathon last weekend by providing a well deserved beer to some of the runners. Here are a selection of photos from the event, including race winner Simon Longthorpe, Mark Becker, Roger Hales, Mark Wotton, Roger Hayes and Wendy Webber! Overall winner Simon Longthrope, from Torbay AC, completed the gruelling 32-miles course in just under 3:48:01, and Holly Rush of Avon Valley Runners came second with an impressive time of 4:03:15, less than a minute off the female course record! We provided some Dartmoor Best Gift Boxes for the event, which were given out to...

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Dartmoor Brewery sponsors Dartmoor Ultra Marathon 2016

Posted by Dartmoor Brewery in Jun 2016

Some people like to jog, a select few like to run marathons, and others enjoy exploring the back roads of the moors - but only the most glutton for punishment like to combine all three. Yet there are 250 of the rare breed partaking in the Dartmoor Ultra Marathon this Saturday, June 4. Here at Dartmoor Brewery we understand the pitfalls of trying to travel across the moors. We commute across the moors on a daily basis, and have to constantly battle with the changing weather, the unruly wildlife and the windy twisty roads that make Dartmoor so unique. Admittedly we usually...

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