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Pub2Pub - rediscovering the lost art of travel

Posted by Mike C in Jul 2017

We are excited to be sponsoring the Pub2Pub Expedition, a very British blend of elegance and eccentricity, capturing the spirit of the lost art of travel.

Pub2Pub is a mammoth 30,000 mile overland journey from the northernmost bar on the globe, to the southernmost, crossing oceans, continents and cultures, and travelling by sports car, yacht and ship.  

The expedition is the brainchild of Ben Coombs, an automotive writer and adventurer who’s always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of offbeat travel.

The epic journey started at the Two Bridges Hotel on Dartmoor, before heading north, very far north, in search of the obscure former mining settlement called Pyramiden, on the remote island of Svalbard, deep in the Arctic about 400 miles north of Tromso, Norway.   Here can be found the nothermost bar on the planet.

From there, pretty much everywhere is South.   30,000 miles, 22 countries and 3 continents later, the expedition will reach Tierra Del Fuego where, not far from Cape Horn, the last licensed premises on the planet awaits.

Visit to find out more about this incredible travel challenge.




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