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Jail Ale on Tour

Posted by Mike C in Apr 2022

Jail Ale is on tour with the Royal Navy, taking the story of traditional Dartmoor beer to far-flung parts of the world.

HMS Tamar is one of five state-of-the-art Offshore Patrol Vessels built for the Royal Navy, and is currently on a round-the-world trade mission promoting the Best of British. When she set sail from the UK, we made sure the ship's company had a generous supply of fine Dartmoor ales on-board to remind them of home.

After leaving beautiful Curacao in the Dutch Antilles, Tamar transited the Panama Canal before entering the Pacific and finally reaching the California city of San Diego.

The pure sands of Hawaii were also blessed with the appearance a bottle or two of Dartmoor's finest.  Next stop, the Far East.

Flying the flag for Britain and for international trade, when the crew of HMS Tamar get a little downtime they will be able to enjoy a reminder of home with a well-earned Jail Ale from the on-board supply.

Aloha Hawaii

4784 miles from Dartmoor.

Jail Ale in Hawaii

San Diego Sunset

5393 miles from Dartmoor.

Cooling Off in Curacao

4479 miles from Dartmoor.




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