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Return of the Ice Warrior

Posted by Mike C in May 2022

By popular demand, our limited-edition Ice Warrior Ale is back, and we are once again supporting polar expeditions and the study of climate change by donating profits to the Ice Warrior Project.

The first edition of Ice Warrior Ale was launched (and sold out!) in April 2021, as we teamed up with Dartmoor-based polar explorer Jim McNeill and his Ice Warrior Project. This very special ale is broadly based around the original and multi-award winning Jail Ale, with some changes to the recipe to create a unique, limited-edition beer using traditional methods and ingredients, and which captures the spirit of exploration and outdoor experience.

The return of Ice Warrior, with a strictly limited bottling run, was celebrated by Jim McNeill himself, with an expedition video link from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean.  

The beer is now available to buy in our online shop.

Since 2001 Ice Warrior has trained over 400 novices to be polar explorers, undertaken 7 major expeditions and directly contributed to our knowledge and understanding of our changing world. 12,000 years ago, the last ice age sculpted much of Dartmoor. Ice has been a primary feature in our discoveries on the Arctic Ocean and Ice Warrior Ale is a celebration of this contribution. See for further details.






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