Dartmoor Brewery

Pop in to our Dartmoor Brewery Shop, and pick up your favourite Dartmoor Brewery ale by the bottle.  Or take away a 4.5 gallon Polypin for your party or event - with 24 hours notice please.

We can also provided 9 gallon casks on request.  £80 deposits are charged on casks, stillages and taps where required.

Call the Dartmoor Brewery Shop on 01822 890789. We are open from 9am until 4:30pm on weekdays.




4.5g polypins

Bottles (12x500ml)

4.5g polypins

Bottles (12 x 500ml)


4.5g polypings

Bottles (12 x 500ml)


4.5g polypins

Bottles (12 x 500ml)


Pint of Dartmoor IPA