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Welcome our new Red Rye Ale

Posted by Mike C in Apr 2018

Dartmoor Brewery has signalled its commitment to innovation in the beer sector, with the launch of a new ale in its fledgling Dartmoor Discovery Range of small-batch craft ales.

“Dartmoor Discovery Range No.3” was unveiled today (26th April) to an audience of local trade customers and real ale fans.  The new beer, available for a limited time only, is a red rye ale – a full-bodied beer with a spicy undertone from the rye and a citrusy hop finish.  The natural red colouring of the beer makes it stand out visually from the rest of the Dartmoor Brewery range, whilst the distinctive flavour fully showcases the talents of Head Brewer Ian Cobham.

Richard Smith, Managing Director of Dartmoor Brewery, commented:  “Following previous successes with our small-batch beers, our new red rye ale is a logical next-step in our Dartmoor Discovery Range.  This limited-edition brew carries all the quality credentials and strong provenance of any Dartmoor Brewery ale, whilst also allowing our award-winning head brewer to flex his creativity and give our customers something a little different.”

Find out more about Dartmoor Discovery No.3 - Red Rye Ale 

Launch of Red Rye ale at the Prince Maurice Inn
Pictured from left to right are Chris Hall (Second Brewer), Gary Brookes (Prince Maurice Inn), Ian Cobham (Head Brewer), Richard Smith (Managing Director)





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