From the heart of Dartmoor National Park

We are Dartmoor

Dartmoor is our birthplace, our home, and the inspiration for our ales.  We've been brewing our traditional beers, including the famous and original Jail Ale, for 30 years, here in the heart of Dartmoor National Park. At 1465ft above sea level, we are the highest brewery in England.  Breathtaking scenery, wide open spaces and crisp fresh air all around, creating a unique backdrop for the brewer’s art, and adding an undefinable depth, quality and character to every Dartmoor Brewery ale.

Visit Dartmoor for yourself if you can.  Get out and experience it.  Breathe the air, soak up the views, smell the essence of wild countryside, and feel the myths and legends.  Find a glorious Dartmoor pub serving Dartmoor Brewery ales, and cherish the day.

The Best Ingredients


Malt from the finest English barley, top-notch hops, our own blend of yeasts and pure Dartmoor water. A timeless combination, brought together by the brewer's magic.

Support your local

Great Pubs

Dartmoor beers can be enjoyed at great pubs far and wide, on Dartmoor and across the land.