Dartmoor Brewery

The Heart of DARTMOOR

Six ingredients. Four traditional, two unique.

There are four traditional ingredients in our brewing - English malt, the finest hops, our own strain of yeast, and pure Dartmoor water. Then we add great people and an awesome location, to create some real magic in our craft ales.

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The Heart of

Award-winning Dartmoor

Alc 4.8%

Jail Ale - our original beer which quickly achieved fame and continues to win awards up and down the country. A full-bodied, deep golden brown beer, Jail Ale has a well-rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste.

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The best of DARTMOOR

Alc 3.7%

A hand crafted amber ale, made with excellent English malted barley, our core range of hops and an excellent new hop variety giving a very drinkable dry hop citrus fruit character.

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The best of

Legend of DARTMOOR

Alc 4.4%

Dartmoor Legend - a classic cask-conditioned beer. Smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish.

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Legend of

Dartmoor is our birthplace, our home, and the inspiration for our ales.  All our beers are brewed in Princetown, at the heart of Dartmoor National Park in the South West of England, making us the highest brewery in England, at 1465ft above sea level.  Breathtaking scenery, wide open spaces and crisp fresh air all around, creating a unique backdrop for the brewer’s art, and adding an undefinable depth, quality and character to every Dartmoor Brewery ale.

Visit Dartmoor for yourself if you can.  Get out and experience it.  Breathe the air, soak up the views, smell the essence of wild countryside, and feel the myths and legends.  Find a glorious Dartmoor pub serving Dartmoor Brewery ales, and cherish the day.

Jail Ale

Jail Ale is our original beer, which quickly achieved fame across Dartmoor and beyond. A full-bodied, deep golden brown beer,

Legend Cask Ale

Dartmoor Legend is a classic cask-conditioned beer. Smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish.

Dartmoor IPA

Dartmoor IPA is a highly drinkable, light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of hops.

Dartmoor Best

Dartmoor Best is a hand-crafted amber ale with a dry hop citrus fruit character.


We’re a small team, and we know how to brew great beer.  Dartmoor is our playground and our workplace, and every day we use the best ingredients, the perfect setting, a whole bunch of passion and a touch of magic to create beers which we enjoy, and which we hope you will enjoy sharing with us.

Meet the team


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Dartmoor Takeover at the London Inn

Dartmoor Takeover at the London Inn

Posted by Mike C in Oct 2020

Happy drinkers at the excellent London Inn in Plympton are looking forward to a whole weekend of Dartmoor delights, with a Dartmoor Takeover featuring fine Dartmoor ales and unique Dartmoor whisky.

Nestled below the ancient Plympton castle, the London Inn is a traditional Devon pub serving excellent ales and ciders, wines,...

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2 days,19 hours,54 mins

@PhilPinfold @sideswiper Many thanks for the plug, Phil, and keep on enjoying our beers! šŸ»

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13 days,7 mins

Light & Dark. 8 bottles each of our dark and warming Dragon's Breath, and our rich and golden Dartmoor IPA, all for Ā£31 including UK mainland delivery. Enjoy! šŸ»

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32 days,3 hours,59 mins

In the toughest of times the nation's brilliant pubs, so often at the heart of the community, have invested and adapted to keep their business alive and to keep everyone safe. Support your local, and find out why #pubsmatter at