Our Beers

Our famous Jail Ale is our flagship, but each of our award-winning beers is brewed in the traditional way, packed with flavour and with the very essence of Dartmoor in every drop.

Jail Ale

A full-bodied, deep golden brown beer, Jail Ale has a well-rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste. We’re proud to have achieved many top awards with Jail Ale in the Premium Bitter categories at numerous beer festivals. Undoubtedly one of the best premium ales in the country.
Alc. 4.8%

Jail Ale logo and Taste of the West logo
Legend logo and Taste of the West logo


A classic cask-conditioned beer: smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish.  Legend is golden brown in colour with an aroma of fresh baked bread and a hint of spice.  Launched in 2010, this modern day beer represents the very best of traditional brewing.
Alc. 4.4%

Dartmoor IPA

A highly drinkable, light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of hops that combine to create a superb earthy, floral and spicy flavour, finished off with tropical and citrus notes. Created alongside Jail Ale in 1994, this beer is known locally as Inmates' Pale Ale!
Alc. 4.0%

Dartmoor IPA logo and Taste of the West logo

Dragon's Breath

Flavoured with black treacle, Dragon’s Breath is a unique winter warmer beer that was launched in the snows of December 2010. Deep ruby-brown coloured, rich and full-bodied with a delicious aftertaste of morello cherries.
Alc 4.4%

Dartmoor Zero

Dartmoor Zero is a fresh, thirst-quenching and hoppy beer that packs the punch of a modern IPA but without the alcohol.
Alc. less than 0.5%