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Jail Ale sails with the Royal Navy

Posted by Mike C in Oct 2021

When HMS Tamar set sail for the Far East recently, we made sure the ship's company had a generous supply of fine Dartmoor ales to remind them of home.

HMS Tamar is one of five new Offshore Patrol Vessels built for the Royal Navy.

The ship and its crew can perform a variety of roles from intercepting drug-traffickers and smugglers to protecting UK territorial waters and providing humanitarian assistance in the wake of a disaster. HMS Tamar has also trained extensively to work on joint missions with Royal Marines Commandos.

Along with sister-ship HMS Spey, Tamar left the UK in September on deployment to the Indo-Pacific region to bolster Britain’s presence. For the officers and crew, the challenges of their global mission will take them away from home, family and all things familiar for some time to come - and the chance to enjoy a Jail Ale as the sun goes down in some far flung place will hopefully remind them warmly of home!

Jail Ale on board warship HMS Tamar with Union flag flying

Jail Ale on Royal Navy Warship at sunset





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