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Introducing Ice Warrior Ale

Posted by Mike C in Apr 2021

England’s highest brewery, based in the heart of Devon’s Dartmoor National Park, has teamed up with Dartmoor-based polar exploration project, Ice Warrior, to launch a new beer which captures the spirit of exploration and outdoor experience.

The new Ice Warrior Ale has been launched on the back of a boom in bottled beer sales over the past 12 months and has been brewed to reflect Dartmoor Brewery’s strong association with the great outdoors. The beer is now available to buy in our online shop.

The flavour combinations of the Ice Warrior Ale are broadly based around the brewery’s original and multi-award winning Jail Ale, with some changes to the brewing recipe by Head Brewer Ian Cobham to create a unique, limited-edition ale brewed using traditional methods and ingredients.

Jim McNeill, founder of the Ice Warrior project and Dartmoor Brewery ambassador, joined Ian Cobham in launching the beer, announcing that a percentage of each bottle sale will be used to fund Ice Warrior’s polar expedition programme.

Since 2001 Ice Warrior has trained over 400 novices to be polar explorers, undertaken 7 major expeditions and directly contributed to our knowledge and understanding of our changing world. Its remit is to help scientists gauge the pulse of the planet and the next expedition, dubbed #LastPole, is not only a world first but a vital piece of citizen science.  Ice is critical to the survival of humankind. 12,000 years ago, the last ice age sculpted much of Dartmoor. Ice has been a primary feature in our discoveries on the Arctic Ocean and Ice Warrior Ale is a celebration of this contribution. See for further details.

Throughout this past challenging year, we’ve kept busy brewing our traditional ales for home delivery, whilst at the same time looking at new ideas to surprise and delight our loyal followers.  Our new partnership with Ice Warrior is a natural fit with our passion for all things outdoors, and our commitment to initiatives which raise awareness of our fragile environment. Our new Ice Warrior Ale expresses our passion in our own special way – with traditional, natural beer!


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